[Monthly Report]Vanke CSR Monthly Report,September 2012

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Honors and Prizes

Vanke ranked the 18th in the “China’s Most Admired Companies All-Star List for 2012” released by Fortune (Chinese version) on September 26, 2012 and topped the listing by industry of real estate development. Vanke has been awarded the honor for the past five consecutive years.

Public Benefit Actions

Vanke attended the International Forum on Biodiversity and Green Development on September 13, in Beijing, co-launched by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the China Biodiversity Partnership Framework (CBPF) of Global Environment Facility, and signed the Proposal on Biodiversity Protection by

Enterprises as one of the business representatives. Participants also held in-depth discussions on the two topics of “Partnership and Green Development” and “Enterprises’ Involvement in Green Development”.

Vanke-WWF Cooperation Midyear Review and Prospects Conference was held at Vanke Center in Dameisha, Shenzhen on September 11. The delegation of Vanke Foundation and the delegation of WWF China held in-depth discussions over the future cooperation framework and action plan. The newly-appointed WWF China Executive President Peng Peide attended the Conference. Both parties signed

the Memorandum of Understanding in March this year and plan to launch five-year cooperation in fields of protecting flagship species in the Mount Everest, carbon emission reduction, and the trade of green foreign products.

The 2012 Forum on the Future of Sustainable Urban Development & the 10th China Real Estate Economy Summit Forum was held in Shenyang on September 21, at which Shenyang Vanke won the honor of the “Best Green Real Estate Enterprise of the Year for the Promotion of China Sustainable Urban Development.”

Communication and Dialogue

On September 5, Vanke Board Chairman Wang Shi was invited to give a speech entitled “Speed” at the J.P. Morgan Asian Pacific Investment Conference held in Boston. In his speech, Chairman Wang briefed the key institutional investors in the US on the history and the status quo of the real estate development in China, stressed that Vanke had valued and promoted the sustainable development of the environment in its course of growth, and actively responded to global climate change, and encouraged Chinese enterprises to face the uncertainties of market prospects with the global vision and the sense of social responsibility.

On the evening of September 8, Chairman Wang’s speech entitled “Perseverance and Letting It Go” was broadcast on CCTV-1 as the last episode of the first season of “Lecture Begins”, an open lecture TV program targeting Chinese teenagers. Voted in online and offline surveys as one of the “Top Ten Role Models in the Eyes of Chinese Teenagers”, Chairman Wang shared with the audience his person stories about starting the business, mountaineering and adventures,

and his academic studies in Harvard, and showed his perseverance in life values and letting go of wealth, power and vanity. He called on the youth to seize the opportunities of the times and make down-to-earth efforts to realize their dreams.

Community Stories: A Ten-Year Campaign of Happy Community

September 1 and 2 witnessed the ballgame finals of the 4th Sports Meeting for Vanke Homeowners in Guangzhou, which attracted the participation of over 2,000 homeowner athletes and their families, with champions announced successively in the events of badminton, table tennis, Chinese chess, football and basketball.

Olympic champions Qiao Hong and Yang Wei, Chinese chess master Xu Yinchuan, CBA champion players Liu Xiaoyu and Ji Chenxiang also showed up at the finals and played with the homeowner athletes.

On September 23 and 23, Beijing Vanke Happy Family Festival was launched in 13 communities, attracting the participation of 4,000 homeowners, who felt truly the festive atmosphere and spread the happiness of union. The Happy Family Festival, in a great variety of forms, has been launched nationwide by Vanke for consecutive 10

years. In 2011, the Festival attracted the participation of over 200,000 Vanke homeowners in over 200 communities in 31 cities across the country.

From September 17 to 26, Beijing Vanke Community Volunteers conveyed greetings to empty-nesters in eight communities, hired doctors to provide home physical examination service to the elderly and brought them gifts for the Mid-Autumn Day. Beijing Vanke has long cared for the elderly in the communities and advocated the community culture of

mutual help. More than 550 elderly people benefited from this 8-day activity.

In September, Changchun Vanke launched the Vanke Festival for the Elderly in nine communities, attracting the participation of over 300 homeowners. “A Date with Vanke” shared with the elderly audience untold touching stories; in “Art Performances --- Shows of the Elderly”, the elderly clubs of Vanke communities put on 26 shows; and health lectures increased their health knowledge.

Projects in Progress

By the end of August 2012, the “Bless the Children Project” has provided financial aid to 461 orphans and poor children with congenital heart disease to get free surgery during the year. A total of 2045 children have been treated since the inception of the Project 34 months ago.

During the last 17 months since the launch of the “Spring Operation” in June 2011, a total of RMB1,245,190 has been donated to 77 laborers with serious illness to pay for their medical bills and their children’s education.


The total donation received from January to September 2012 registered RMB 39,691,845, including:
RMB 35,880,178 donated by the Group, RMB 2,811,801 by staff,
RMB 10,950 by our homeowners
RMB 968,808 of external donations

External Aid
External project appropriations involved a total of RMB 2,938,192 from January to September 2012.

About Us

Vanke Foundation: initiated by China Vanke Co., Ltd. and approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the State Council, the Foundation was established in 2008 and functions as a national private foundation in the charge of the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Vanke Corporate Citizenship Office: Established in 2007, the Office is directly responsible for the development of corporate citizenship plan and supervising its implementation to promote the fulfilment of corporate social responsibility at the Group level and provide assistance and support to other organizations. Each year Vanke Group earmarks funds for the office under the approval of the general meeting of directors. Contact us at csr@vanke.com.

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