Vanke firstly ranked 356 amongst “Fortune Global 500”of Fortune Magazine

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The Fortune Global 500 list was published by theFortune Magazine on July 20, 2016. China Vanke Co., Ltd. squeezed into theFortune Global 500 list for the first time by an annual revenue of RMB 184.318billion (US 29.329 billion dollars) in 2015 and ranked 356.

The Fortune Global 500, a conventional name calledby Chinese, lists the top 500 companies worldwide that are selected by theFortune Magazine. Since its release in 1955, Fortune Global 500 list has beenthe most famous and authoritative list measuring world's leading companies, andalso is an important indicator judging the strength, scale and internationalcompetitiveness of world famous enterprises themselves.

The Fortune Global 500 list adopts a company'sannual operating income and profit as the main assessment indicators and ispublished once a year. According to 2015 annual report of China Vanke (preparedin accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards),China Vanke in 2015 achieved an operating income of RMB 184.318billion (US 29.329 billion dollars) and a net profit of RMB 18.119 billion (US2.883 billion dollars).

China Vanke Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984 and hasbecome the largest residential property development enterprise in the worldsince it stepped into the housing market over thirty years ago in 1988. As ofthe end of 2015, Vanke's business covered 71 cities worldwide and it provided propertyservices in 843 residential communities. Vanke in 2015 achieved a sales area of20.671 million square meters and sales amount of RMB 261.47 billion,respectively increasing by 14.3% and 20.7% year on year. Its market share inthe national commercial residential building further rose to 3%. Regardless ofthe amount of sales or market share, Vanke have created a new record in thehistory of the industry.

In 1991, Vanke became one of the companies in the firstbatch listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

With continuously growing return of performance andstandardized and transparent corporate governance structure, Vanke has won widerecognitions from investors. During its development process, Vanke has been successivelyamong the "World's 200 Best Small Companies" and "Asia's 50 BestListed Companies" and other lists published by Forbes; and won the bestcorporate governance and the best investor relations awards granted by the "InvestorRelations" and other internationally authoritative media for many times.

Wang Shi, founder and Chairman of Vanke stated that: Vanke and China's economy has been growing together in 32years. It is the reform and opening-up policy provided a historical opportunityand it is Shenzhen Special Economic Zone provides fertile soil for the developmentof Vanke. China Vanke ranked in the Fortune Global 500 list, we thank propertyowners and customers for their trust; thank investors for their support; thankpartners for their trust; thank all staff for their unremitting efforts; thankall the people who concerns about Vanke and encourages Vanke to keep continuousimprovement and overcoming difficulties.

According to the list, a total of 110 Chinese companieswere among the Fortune Global 500 list this year, with the State GridCorporation of China obtaining the top ranking at No. 2. In addition to Vanke,there were four Shenzhen companies among the list, respectively Ping An, Huawei,China Merchants Bank and Amer.


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