[Monthly Report]Vanke CSR Monthly Report,July-August 2012

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Honors and Prizes

On July 13th, 2012 Fortune China 500 was released in Vol.204 of Fortune (Chinese) and Vanke ranked 64th in the list.
Vanke ranked 14th on the list of 2012 China Top 500 Private Enterprises released by All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce on August 30th, and
4th among China Top 100 Private Service Providers.

Public Benefit Actions

On August 16th, Wang Rong, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee and Secretary-General of CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, visited Vanke Golden Mansion Residential Community in Shenzhen to inspect the on-going pilot project of garbage sorting. He was satisfied with the achievements

made and encouraged the property management and service center to continue to guide property owners in garbage sorting. He also hoped that the garbage sorting model adopted by Vanke communities can be spread throughout Shenzhen as soon as possible so as to contribute to the city’s sustainable development.

On August 18th, Yu Liang, President of Vanke, attended a donation ceremony and desk distribution ceremony together with the Chairman of Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce in Shenzhen and representatives of the Office of Shenzhen

Caring Actions Organizing Committee, in Sanyuan Township Primary School of Dafang County, Bijie Prefecture, Guizhou Province. At the ceremony, Vanke donated a total of 4,196 desks, 136 water cellars and RMB 1 million to areas in concern. The desks helped improve the learning environment for the students, and the water cellars helped to ensure basic water supply for local residents.

On August 21st, Commendation of Outstanding Teachers of Vanke Foundation Zundao School - cum - Grant of Wu’s Student Fund was held in Zundao School, Mianzhu, Sichuan Province. Luo Yi, Director of Deyang Research Institute of Education Science, Tang Jiancheng, Director of Mianzhu Municipal Education Bureau, and Xie Dong, Executive Vice President of Vanke, attended the ceremony together with teachers and students of Zundao School, and representatives of students’ parents.

It is the beginning of a new school semester. Four years after the Wenchuan Earthquake, in Zundao School constructed by the most advanced earthquake resistance techniques with Vanke’s donations, students wear broad grins , with no trace of post-quake depression . The school used to come last or second to last among the 20-some schools in the area, but this year it ranks third among all schools in the prefecture and first among schools of its kind regarding the second education result.

Communication and Dialogue

On July 7th, Wang Shi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vanke, made a keynote speech titled “Foundation” at the Closing Ceremony of the 8th Summer Summit of China Entrepreneurs Forum held in Wuhan, introducing the design concept of Zhang Zhidong Museum to be constructed with Vanke funding, commemorating Wuhan’s

pioneering role in China’s modernization and promoting the modern spirit of contract. At the Summit, Wang Shi was elected the rotating president of China Entrepreneurs Forum.

On July 12th, the first China Charity Fair was held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. Wang Yang, member of the Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee and Secretary-General of CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee declared the opening of the fair. Wang Shi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vanke and founder of Vanke Foundation attended the opening ceremony. At the Fair, Vanke Foundation promoted such public benefit projects as “Bless

the Children Project”, “Spring Operation”, aid to Zundao School and garbage sorting in residential communities. Leaders at various levels, hundreds of charity organizations, as well as multiple media and individuals concerned about public welfare came for detailed information and exchanges. Wang Shi received interviews with media such as Daily Sunshine, Nanfang Daily, China News, ifeng.com and Shenzhen TV.

On August 31, the Fourth China CSR Annual Forum sponsored by Nanfang Daily, the most prestigious event of its kind, was held in Beijing. Zhu Baoquan, Vice President of Vanke was invited to deliver a speech at the forum.

Community Stories

In July, Vanke Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai joined hands in successfully fighting natural disasters like violent storms and typhoons. On July 21, Beijing suffered the heaviest rain in 61 years that led to mountain floods, mudslides and severe water-logging in the city, and inflicted great losses. In response to such an unexpected disaster, all Vanke property

management teams in Beijing promptly implemented emergency plans. With over 800 staff members working for more than 16 hours continuously, Beijing Vanke residential communities suffered no power failure, water or gas cutoff, and found none trapped in the elevator. As thus, we protected our property owners and ensured the security of their lives and properties.

On July 23rd, No. 8tropical cyclone Vicente hit Guangdong Province directly. At its landfall, its largest wind power is up to 13 (38 m/s), bringing with it ultra-violent rainfall, inflicting great damages at various places within the province. On receiving the warning, Shenzhen Vanke Property Management launched its emergency response plan for typhoon and rainstorm immediately, with all 3.065 staff members in 54

teams and the E-control Center all on duty to conduct risk inspection prior to the cyclone, keep on guard overnight during the cyclone, and clear up after the disaster. By so doing, we managed to ensure the security of 42 communities and 100,000 residents.

On August 8th, No. 11 typhoon Haikui stroke Shanghai. Nearly 400 road sections in the city were inundated in water 10-30cm deep, over 30,000 trees fell, and around 400,000 people were evacuated. In response to Haikui, Shanghai Vanke Property Service arranged 1,200 extra work shifts during which the staff on duty received 284 inquiries and aid requests. No car or building of 35,000-plus households in the 33 communities under our

management was inundated, and the water gathered in the communities was drained within three hours after the typhoon.


Coverage of Beijing Venke Property Service’s Response to July 21 Downpour

Coverage of Shenzhen Vanke Property Service’s Response to Cyclone Vicente

Join Hands against Haikui, Work as One for a Brilliant Success

Projects in Progress

By the end of August 2012, the “Bless the Children Project”has provided financial aid to 393 orphans and poor children with congenital heart disease to get free surgery during the year. A total of 2,022 children have been treated since the inception of the project 34 months ago.

During the 15 months since the start of the “Spring Operation” in June 2010, a total of RMB1,225,190 has been donated to 76 laborers with serious illness to pay for their medical bills and their children’s education.


The total donation received from January to August 2012 registered RMB 39,555,995, including.
RMB 36,003,068 donated by staff with Vanke Headquarters
RMB 300,000 donated by Children Care Project of China Youth Development Foundation.

External Aid
External project appropriations involved a total of RMB 2,028,597 from January to August 2012.

About Us

Vanke Foundation: initiated by China Vanke Co., Ltd. and approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the State Council, the Foundation was established in 2008 and functions as a national private foundation in the charge of the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Vanke Corporate Citizenship Office: Established in 2007, the Office is directly responsible for the development of corporate citizenship plan and supervising its implementation to promote the fulfilment of corporate social responsibility at the Group level and provide assistance and support to other organizations. Each year Vanke Group earmarks funds for the office under the approval of the general meeting of directors. Contact us at csr@vanke.com.

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