Absence of equality

Women are not entitled to equal rights in many developing countries. In partnerships, they are often difficult to enforce the use of contraceptives and family planning. Many women want less children than men, but this is only possible if they are able to assert themselves against them.

Better educated and empowered women can make informed, self-determined decisions about voluntary family planning. Women need more linguistic opportunities in the family and society, so that they get alternatives to the pure mother role.

What the DSW does

  • In most of our clubs there is a balanced number of boys and girls who share responsibility and responsibilities in the club. It is not about sex, but about the goals and potentials in life.
  • The issue of equality is addressed in roll-up games. Thus early gender-specific prejudices can be dismantled at an early stage.
  • Equality between men and women is one of our top political priorities.

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