In 2011, we were still seven billion people, in 2050, according to the United Nations, we will be more than nine billion, in 2100 more than eleven billion.

But the population figures should not be the focus. What is more important is the question of why the world’s population is growing. One of the main causes is that every fourth woman in developing countries can not prevent, although she would like to. One of the consequences: girls and women have 74 million unwanted pregnancies – every year.

Because they are not equal.
Because they have never been sexually enlightened and they have no access to preventatives.
Because they lack educational opportunities.
Because they lack job prospects.
Because they do not come out of the poverty trap.

We put our hopes in the two billion people under 24 years. The greatest youth generation of all time. It can bring change – when its potentials are recognized and promoted.

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