Shampoo, a high viscosity liquid soap or bar mostly used in domestic or commercial settings to clean and care for hair and scalp. This basically works by removing unneeded wax and sebum in the hair and scalp. The shampoo comes in different fragrances, colors composition, and deodorant scents. This is mostly based on preference, hair type, and length, skin types, and lifestyle. A small amount can be applied in wet hair and thoroughly massaged to lather. Finally, a plain water rinse can be carried out and hair to be dried with a clean dry absorbent cloth. A hair conditioner can be applied to complete the care process.

Types of shampoo

  • Paste shampoo
  • Gel shampoo
  • Solid bar shampoo

Below are a few advantages of using shampoo;

  • Pleasant smell Shampoo comes in different scents varying from fruits, trees, flowers, and artificially produced scents. The scents are pleasant since one can choose in accordance with their own preferences and lifestyle. One person may also be allergic to a certain scent or scents which gives them a leeway to choose scentless or a scent that suits their condition. Either way, clean fresh smell is guaranteed after its use.


  • Improves hair color Shampoos are designed to get rid of both unwanted and foreign material in the hair and scalp which can rather alter the natural color of one’s hair. These include, sebum and wax-excreted naturally by the body-, dandruff which comes about from a dry scalp, dust and other pollutants collected by hair on a daily basis. With the removal of sticky substances coating one’s hair, the natural look of the hair is unleashed leaving it looking glamorous.


  • Improves hair texture Then hair is well cleaned with the right kind of shampoo, its texture can be seen to improve with time and regular use of compatible hair care products, you can check out some of the best biotin shampoo here for a shiny hair and a clean scalp. This means that lesser damage will occur.


  • Healthy scalp A healthy scalp is one that is free of dandruff and other unwanted substances. Cleaning with shampoo regularly can see one’s hair free of these and hence the skin pores will always be open to excrete. Clogged pores lead to formation of painful pimples and can lead to scalp infections.


  • Easier to rinse Shampoo is highly soluble in water. As opposed to most detergent, it does not leave a sticky or slimy feeling on your hair. By just using minimum amount of water, rinsing is easy and for a short time.


  • Repairing of hair damage. In removing wax and sebum, hair tangling is minimized. This means that lesser hair will break during combing and blow drying.


  • Regulating normal pH With shampoo being acid based, they keep the required balanced pH of the hair making it more strong and resistant to damage.


  • Environmental friendly Most shampoos are made from naturally occurring compounds which are biodegradable.  his makes it eco-friendly and hence are labeled as safe.


  • Soothing relaxation When shampoo lathers during hair cleaning, it makes a smooth base that massages your hair and scalp leaving you relaxed at the end of every wash.


  • Less irritation Acting as a natural moisturizer, the shampoo leaves the scalp well hydrated and hence lesser or no dry skin conditioning and dandruff free.


  • Dust repellant. The basic agent for the dust to attach on hair is oil or sebum. With a shampoo wash, one is guaranteed to get rid of the agents and hence getting rid of stubborn dust.