World’s Population

… and how we approach them!

1. Many people have never been sexually enlightened

Enlightenment is the basis for ensuring that adolescents and adults protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV, by using contraceptives such as condoms. But talking about sexuality is still a taboo smell in many societies. Not talking about it, however, is very dangerous. For so myths solidify around the subject of sexuality and around one’s own body. This can have serious consequences for girls and women if they are – often unintentionally – pregnant.

Complications resulting from pregnancy and childbirth are still the most frequent causes of death of girls in developing countries. Only those who have sufficiently qualified information can tackle their lives confidently and self-determinedly.

What the DSW does

  • We have established a network of about 400 youth clubs in East Africa. There, young people find a place to discuss sexuality with specially trained, youthful youth counselors.
  • In our political work we are committed to the fact that sex education is becoming more and more important worldwide.

2. Many people lack access to family planning

To know about contraceptives something is the one, they can also use, the other. Pharmacies or medical centers are often not equipped with contraceptives, the way for many people too far. Or existing contraceptives are not given to adolescents because their needs are not seen. There has been a lot of work done in the cities in the last few years, but in rural areas it is important to ensure that people have the opportunity to apply modern methods of prevention.

What the DSW does

  • With mobile reconnaissance vehicles, we also reach remote areas and provide people with condoms, for example, to protect themselves against unwanted pregnancies and HIV infection.
  • Young people get condoms and youth-friendly counseling in our clubs.
  • Our employees in East Africa and the young people in the youth clubs provide information on the wide range of preventive measures – especially for young people.

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